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Mission & Method

Vision Statement

To be the preferred investment service provider to the clients we serve.

Mission Statement

We provide investment/financial products and services to meet the needs of our clients and deliver superior returns.

In doing so, the aspirations of our employees for growth and development are realized, and enhanced value achieved for all our stakeholders.

Core Values

Independence: Freedom from the influence and special interests allow us to offer our clients honest and unbiased perspectives.

With no affiliations to any key financial institutions, banks, or insurance companies, Gromio is able to make the best decisions for our investors. We scour the markets for the best available opportunities and present them directly to our clients, who subsequently reap the rewards.

Integrity: We believe in doing what is right and standing by it.

As a financial institution, we strive to be honest and disciplined in all that we do. We also expect that our employees maintain the highest ethical standards in their ongoing activities. We understand the importance of keeping our clients’ information strictly confidential and as a result, we have implemented stringent procedures and put a number of measures in place to ensure that no breaches occur.

Innovation: We relentlessly pursue new and better ways to add value to those whom we serve.

At Gromio Limited, we consider innovation as our key to success. Throughout the years, Gromio has consistently added new products and services to our financial suite. We are continuously keeping abreast of market movements and searching for the best opportunities in local, regional, and international markets, which aids in making superior investment decisions for you.

Investor Education: We strive to help our clients make the best and most informed investment choices.

Our highly skilled Investment Analysts conduct research on a day-to-day basis and collaborate on ideas and advice from globally recognized financial institutions. Gromio shares this information regularly with potential and existing investors using a variety of communication channels.


Our Responsible Investment Strategy

Responsible Investment (RI) often focuses on the consideration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment decision-making and active ownership practices. While this is critically important, we believe that effective and credible approaches to responsible investment must rest on foundations of a strong stewardship mind-set, engaged people, quality investment processes and responsible and ethical business conduct. For over a decade this has formed the basis of our strategic approach to RI. 


Our diverse investment capabilities

Our commitment to RI and stewardship is a common thread which runs through our diverse investment capabilities.  Each investment team are specialists in their respective fields and set their own investment philosophies and processes.  In particular, all teams believe that ESG issues impact investment value and that as a leading global institutional investor we can achieve better long-term investment outcomes through active engagement and by exercising the equity ownership rights we hold on behalf of our clients.

The teams also integrate ESG into their investment process in various different ways. The RI Steering Group will take a decision to implement a company-wide ban on certain companies in certain sectors and several teams apply additional screens when requested by clients at mandate level.