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What is Gromio Limited

Gromio Limited ("Gromio Invest") is a non-banking financial powerhouse in the Republic of Malta with offices in key regional financial markets, offering a comprehensive range of investment products and services covering asset management, investment banking, stock exchange/crypto currency and brokerage. Gromio Limited currently operates as an independently investment management company.

Gromio Limited has molded an all-around client-driven experience that focuses on the latest value adding market insights and customizing our broad range of investment opportunities to meet the diverse needs of high net worth and institutional clients. Putting clients at the heart of the experience, Gromio Invest implements an ethical, empathetically and proactive approach to building long lasting relationships while actively managing, monitoring and reporting on portfolios to reassess each client’s needs in accordance with their set investment objectives.

Gromio Limited provides a variety of bespoke asset management solutions covering equities and fixed income, private equity, agro-products, pharmaceutical & chemical products, real estate, third party solutions and management of special situations. Our team combines our latest in-house market research with innovative investment strategies and solutions to suite each client’s unique needs. Our investment banking specialists have assisted some of the regions top-rated institutions in successfully concluding M&As, Debt Capital Market and Equity Capital Market mandates. Stemming from the understanding that our clients want to grow their wealth with the freedom to choose the financial markets that suite their needs, our brokerage arm provides quick and reliable access to several regional and international markets.

With decades worth of expertise and leadership in the region, Gromio Limited boasts in excess of USD 12.6 billion* in assets under management across various asset classes and jurisdictions (making it the 5th largest asset manager in the GCC), with investment banking credentials exceeding USD 23.1 billion* across equity & debt capital markets and mergers & acquisitions.